"Hand colored" style
How I created the effect on one of Emilie's portraits
4 ways to convert your color pictures into black and white!
How to create the awesome Matrix text effect. By Faceless.
Healing Brush tool/
Patch tool

Simply magical!
Interface tut
HUGE tutorial on how I make my interfaces.

Added a new tutorial on how to convert pictures into B&W.

Added the Matrix text effext tutorial.

Added the Healing brush/Patch tool tutorial.

Added the Computer Mouse tutorial.

Published the 25 finalists in the Interface contest.

Just uploaded a brand new section to the site called Al's corner. Great layerstyles!
New site of the month: Photoshop Cafe.
Brand new Chatroom this month!
The Forum is growing day by day :)

The new PS interface contest has started!

Visitors comments that really made my day!
The EoD Online Store is open.

Linkexchange with Anders Qvicker,
+ posted the splash page for my daughter in the gallery.

Updated the hot links page.



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Hi - and welcome to Eyes on Design!
If you're interested in graphics and design, and you want to learn some neat Photoshop techniques, you have come to the right place :)


I've redesigned the whole picture gallery and added some new pictures as well. Various pictures from the past couple years that I now have devided into different categories.

To see the pictures click here...

 In the spotlight


My friend over at Photoshop Cafe, Mr. Colin Smith, has chosen EoD to be his site of the week!
Thanks a million Colin :)
Be sure to visit his great site and have a look at his AWESOME gallery!
His flying car is just one of many incredible images he has made.
This is truly a great honor :)

 Site of the month

Our newest site of the month is Systemdark.com.
A very well designed Flash site that offers some nifty Photoshop tutorials, hosting packages and web templates you can buy. Really worth a visit.

Click on the icon to visit the site...



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